Jelqing Exercises

If you are like most men and you are interested in making your penis bigger and stronger, you have probably come across an interesting Arabic terms like “jelq” or “jelq exercises.” These terms may sound very strange at first but as you read about how jelqing exercises actually works, you will discover that the basic premise is scientifically sound and you actually can make your penis bigger using jelq. However, there is a major catch to jelq. There is a major reason why you should use modern penis exercises instead of jelq exercises. Read on to find out why.



Jelqing is an ancient technique that was passed down over the generations for men to teach their sons how to enlarge their penis and has been used by thousands of years by ancient civilizations to grow large penises. And yes, I guess even women from ancient times wanted a big penis Think about some of the antiquity art that has been found that showed ancient men with big penises, or ancient figurines that had men with big penises. That simply proves that men (and women) have been fixated on having a large penis since probably the beginning of time.


The first jelqing exercises for men were created hundreds of years ago as part of a tribal practice where the males were expected to gain penis size as a signifier of manhood. These exercises involved massaging and stretching the penis which eventually would create an increase in length.



Learning how to get your penis bigger with the jelqing exercise can be broken down into 7 steps:

1: Semi-Erect: Here’s the first thing you need to do for learning how to get your penis bigger with the jelqing exercise. It involves achieving a semi-erection. Many make the mistake of trying to jelq with a full erection, but rather a partial, 50-60% erection is the proper state to be in for this exercise to be effective.

Tip: Use a warm wash cloth and wrap it around your penis. This will increase blood flow and make it easier to achieve a partial erection quickly.

Tip #2: Another option that is rarely talked about for warming up the penis, is taking a hot shower. This is actually very convenient for performing the jelq exercise after regular exercise, as you can hop in the shower and simultaneously warm down from your workout, and warm up for a set of jelqs.
2. Lubrication: It’s important to apply a generous amount of lubrication to your penis. This makes the exercise easier and won’t cause any redness to occur either. Lube up your penis really good.

Tip: Do not use water, use safe lubrication for the skin. Many guys think for some reason water is a lube alternative, but it’s not.

Tip #2: What’s the cheapest form of lube to use? If you have a dollar store in your area then you can lubricate for a buck! Most dollar stores have petroleum jelly which can work great for jelqing lubrication.
3. OK sign: This is where you are going to want to take your hand and join your thumb with your forefinger, making what is known as the “OK sign”. This is the hand position you want for performing the jelq exercise.

Tip: If for whatever reason you are more comfortable joining your thumb with your middle finger then by all means you can use this position. This is rarely mentioned in any jelqing instructions and hence it seems to have become a “golden rule” of sorts that the thumb MUST be jointed with the forefinger. Personally, I have found it most comfortable alternating workout from workout with the middle finger to thumb, and forefinger to thumb.
4. Start Position: You now want to take the “OK sign” and wrap it around the base of your penis. This is the proper start position for the exercise. After each stroke you will want to return to the base to begin the next stroke.

Tip: Envision “clamping down” (gently) with the OK sign to the bottom base of your penis. Many guys get lazy and start the exercise higher up than they should. This “clamping down” makes sure you are at the base.

Tip 2: Rarely mentioned anywhere else is the fact that pubic hair can often interfere with the clamp down. It slows the exercise down and makes it less smooth of an exercise to perform. So trim the pubic hair! Your clamp down will be more comfortable, and the exercise will go much more smoothly.
5: The Stroke: Once you are in position, you then take your hand and gently stroke upwards in a slow, controlled manner. This is done in one motion ending just before the head of the penis.

Tip: Try for 2-3 seconds for each stroke.

Tip 2: A personal tip I’ve found for staying focused and motivated during each stroke, is repeating the numbered stroke aloud (“one”, “two”,etc.).
6. Repeat: You now repeat the stroke, but this time using your other hand. Then you simply alternate hands back and forth for a certain number of repetitions.

Tip: Keep your rhythm steady. Don’t speed up the exercise as it may be tempting to do.

Tip 2: One of the best ways to “get in the zone” while jelqing, is by listening to your music. Put your earphones on and play some tunes. Jelqing will go by much more quickly this way.
7: Frequency: You usually want to perform the jelqing exercise 4-5 times a week. It’s always important to take a few days off for rest and recovery. The number of sets and reps you do will vary depending on what particular routine you choose to follow. The best routines will usually require at least 6-20 minutes a day, and as mentioned, 4-5 days a week.

Tip: Here is a very effective routine which has the correct number of sets and reps for growth in only weeks. Their routine only takes 6 minutes a day and has been shown very effective for gaining at least an inch of added penis size.

BENEFITS of Jelqing Exercises:

Jelqing exercises are very beneficial to improving your penis health, because these exercises help increase blood flow to the penis which allows the penis to build strength of the penile chambers and muscular texture. The downward motion on the penis forces more blood into the Corpora Cavernosa (spongy tissue of the penis), which continually stretches your penis to naturally become larger and larger. That’s why jelqing exercises naturally increase penis girth, because as you continue to stretch the chambers, blood flow increases and provides more thickness. Jelqing exercises will help you become more fully engorged, therefore producing rock solid, throbbing erections.


The major problem with doing jelq exercises is that you can really hurt yourself. You may start out with the very good intention of working out your penis to make it bigger and increasing your sexual stamina but you may instead end up damaging your penis or even making yourself impotent. You could also end up with a bent or very deformed penis. Some men have actually ended up with an hourglass shaped penis doing jelq exercises. You can also hurt the head of your penis doing jelq if you don’t know exactly the motion to use. Many men end up with abrasion on their penis skin from jelqing which burns and itches. I’m sure this is not the extra sensation you’re looking for!

Jelqing has long been a tiresome task by using your hand to pull blood flow down to the head of the penis If you have ever tried jelqing exercises by hand, then you know how much your arms ache after 50 or so repetitions. A better option is best volume pills.

Many men have reported very good results by using penis enhancement pills. Taking them does not involve doing any exercising at all. What these pills do is work with your body to increase the size of the chambers inside your penis. These pills contain special herbal extracts that many men around the world use as an aphrodisiac and to help them with sexual dysfunctions and penis growth. You can expect a possible growth of one to three inches when you take these pills. These pills work for most men, and they also come with a full money back guarantee.

Penis enlargement pills are how to get a bigger penis. Forget the dangerous penis exercises; you do not need to take a chance with your penis when there is a completely safe route you can follow. Take the time to look at the company website and see just how many men have spoken about the supplements, their results, and what kind of changes these pills have made in their lives.


When looking to make your penis bigger, you can use pills or exercises depending on what suits you best. The pills are probably the easiest as you take one or two per day like any other vitamin. With exercises you have to spend between 6-10 minutes per day using your hands. Some say pills take time to deliver, with exercises you are on the road to fast effective increase within weeks. If you compare cost of pills versus exercises, then exercises win by a considerable way.

Penis exercises by themselves work just fine, but in conjunction with pills, you will experience much more coveted gains. However you decide to accomplish an enlargement treatment, you can rely on both of these methods to work very well. Penis enlargement pills will only enhance erect penis size and improve sexual performance while being consumed. Permanent gains are worth the investment through exercises and hasty results are appreciable if you chose an enhancement product that has worked for other men.

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